Completed PhDs in Sweden with a focus on RE

This page presents completed PhDs in Sweden that had a focus on Requirements Engineering.

Guiding Development of Contribution and Community Strategies in Open Source Software Requirements Engineering

Dr. Johan Linåker, Lund University, 2019
Supervisor: Prof. Björn Regnell

Consumer Preferences to Promote Values Awareness in Information Systems Development

Dr. Eric-Oluf Svee, Stockholm University, 2016
Supervisor: Prof. Jelena Zdravkovic

Integrated Requirements Engineering - Understanding and Bridging Gaps within Software Development

Dr. Elizabeth Bjarnason, Lund University, 2013
Supervisors: Prof. Björn Regnell (main), Prof. Per Runeson

Visualizing, Analyzing and Managing the Scope of Software Releases in Large-Scale Requirements Engineering

Dr. Krzysztof Wnuk, Lund University, 2012
Supervisors: Prof. Björn Regnell (main), Prof. Martin Höst

Supporting Release Planning of Quality Requirements: The Quality Performance Model

Dr. Richard Berntsson Svensson, Lund University, 2011
Supervisors: Prof. Björn Regnell (main), Prof. Martin Höst

Requirements Prioritisation and Retrospective Analysis for Release Planning Process Improvement

Dr. Lena Karlsson, Lund University, 2006
Supervisor: Prof. Björn Regnell