Location: Lund University
Time: 7-8 May, 12 to 12
Building: E-huset
Room: E:2116, click here for a map
Host: Björn Regnell

How to get there:
You are going to the Deptment of Computer Science, Ole Römers väg 3, the building marked "E" (E-huset). A detailed instruction of how to get there can be found here
You will find the room E:2116 here.

Arrival by plane:
There are two airports close to Lund: Malmö Airport (Sturup) located 30 km south-east of Lund and Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup, Denmark) about 25 km south-west of Lund.

Kastrup (CPH), Copenhagen Airport, Denmark to Lund Central Station (Lund C).
From Kastrup trains to Sweden (Öresundstågen) leave from platform 1 every 20 minutes to Malmö C. Some of the trains continue to Lund C, but it might be that you will have to change train in Malmö. From the airport to Lund, the travel time is about one hour. A one-way ticket (ask for a ticket to Lund) is are sold at the ticket counters before going down the conveyor belt down to the trains, or in automatic vending machines with a sign "Skånetrafiken" on them.

Malmö Airport (MMX), Sweden to Lund.
From Malmö Airport, there is a bus (Flygbussarna) to the centre of Lund (approximately twice an hour), but also directly to the LTH/University area. You can also take a taxi from Malmö Airport to center of Lund or to LTH and E-huset (address: Ole Römers väg 3).

Arriving by train from elsewhere in Sweden:
The train station in Lund (Lund C) is located in the centre of Lund. To continue here you can walk, take a bus or get a taxi. For more information see "Within Lund" below.

Within Lund:
There are a few different ways to get here from the train station (Lund C).
Walk: To walk from the train station takes about 20 minutes.
Bus: For all buses below, get on at Clementstorget (on the north end of Lund C). The trip will take less than 10 minutes.

  • Bus Lundalänken (The Link of Lund): #20, #21, #166, #169 : Clementstorget - LTH/kårhuset (towards Brunnshög).
  • Bus #6: Clementstorget - John Ericssons Väg (towards Mårtens Fälad).
  • Bus #1: Clementstorget - Profesorsgatan (towards Östra Torn).
  • VENUE information

  • Elite Hotel Ideon
  • Hotel Finn
  • Grand Hotel
  • Hotel Concordia
  • Confirmed presenters

  • Sachiko Lim, Stockholm University - "A Data-driven Framework to Facilitate Automated Requirements Engineering"
  • Georgios Koutsopoulos, Stockholm University - "Dynamic adaptation of capabilities: Exploring meta-model diversity"
  • Markus Borg, RISE - "Trained, not coded - How Safe Automotive Machine Learning Orbits Requirements Engineering"
  • Johan Linåker, Lund University - "Guiding Development of Contribution and Community Strategies in Open Source Software Requirements Engineering"
  • Kristian Sandahl, Linköping University - "Introduction to System Anatomies and how to create them."
  • Jennifer Horkoff, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg - "Requirements Engineering for Game Companies"
  • AGENDA (tentative - subject to change)

    General Notes: All talks are scheduled for 45min. This implies a MAXIMUM of 30 min presentation then 15 min QnA.

    Agenda TBD
    Contact: richard [AT]