The Swedish Requirements Engineering Research Network was established in the year 2000. We are an association of Swedish universities, organizations and companies that promote and support research, education and collaborative work in the area of requirements engineering as well as associated fields.

The main purpose of SIREN is to promote one of the central areas for successful product development of software intensive systems, namely requirements engineering. We focus the following activities to promote this agenda:

  1. Scientific debate in relation to requirements engineering and associated disciplines

  2. Knowledge sharing among researchers and also between companies and academia

  3. Arrange joint education, and quality assurance of curriculum

  4. Knowledge and Technology transfer through activities such as the open yearly SIREN workshop

  5. Rendering expert knowledge, and support governmental agencies as well as industry in the are of requirements engineering

                                                           -Tony Gorschek, Chairman


2013-0613: MdH is the newest member of SIREN, welcome to our newest member! Also, Signal’14 will be in Västerås in 2014!

2013-0613: The 2013 SIREN meeting (Signal´13) was a great event, thank you to all contributors!

2013-03-17: The 2013 SIREN meeting (Signal´13) will be held in Malmö on the 30th-31st of May.

2013-01-11: Requirements Engineering Conference 2014 will be held at BTH in Karlskrona on the 25th to the 29th of August 2014. RE comes to SWEDEN!!!

2012-05-04: SIREN SIGNAL´12 ended a great two days. See posters and presentations under Signal Meetings. Thanks to our great organizers (Chalmers/GU) and especially to Robert and Rebecca!

2012-04-09: SIREN SIGNAL’12 Agenda under construction, see SIGNAL Meetings.

2012-04-05: New homepage launched, please come with feedback and tips!

2011-10-05: SGINAL´12 is in pre-organization mode, the venue in 2012 will be Chalmers in Gothenburg!